15 December 2008

Ranger - The Bear


I believed this channel had been compromised. Until last month, I feared the worst for Corporal. I received of all things a telephone message from him. From what I could understand, he was headed in the direction of Georgia. I was not certain what business he had there. I had begin to fear that the stranger he met on the train to Berlin was less than a chance meeting.

I am in Seattle. Close to home, though with the recent American election all hell has broken loose here. One team of operatives has left for Guantanamo Bay to retrieve a few special friends. Another small group is monitoring market changes. A large group of traders seem to be shorting an essential market, resetting it at will. Mercerier's fingerprints are all over it. My group has been hard at work with dive training and cold environment weather amphibious landings. The locks here seemed an ideal place to train. We hope to be able to assist you in the near future.

The Moscow Roll you recommended was brilliant. Reminds me of my grandmother's Farina rolls which I have never been able to successfully replicate. I am told she always left out a key ingredient in the recipe. I have enclosed the information our office here was able to retrieve on Fu Shan - it is sparse, but I have hope you will be able to make some use of it.

If nothing else, remember fondly my first day of training, with your soundless blade at my throat, and Calrissian emerging from the bushes with his words of wisdom for me - "knives never run out of ammunition."

leges barbarorum,


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Sarge said...


First, thank you for the information on Fu Shang. Medicine Man is merely man after all! His evil however, has its roots in deeper places and darker hearts than perhaps even man is capable of.

Are there such places with such hearts?

I have wondered this.

As I write you this, Cody is much better. He is healing by the day and now even again wants pieces of the Moscow Rolls I have just this weekend made!

Please tell Cpl. that "the red river of the east means the feeding time draws near."

"The red river of the east means the feeding time draws near."

Also, in a more important development I write you this now:

"The blue hills of Centius hold the darkest of gentians."

"The blue hills of Centius hold the darkest of gentians."

I must go now. I fear the hours of baking this morning foretell a late night of purpose tonight.

Darker purposes. Perhaps yes, we should have been bakers, and these labyrinths would simply be other doors and windows we pass by each day. Blissfully unaware and thinking only of how to make the bread of life sweeter.

with deepest affection,