28 December 2006

A Home for Christmas

Dear Sarge,

You missed quite a Christmas dinner. Smitty has as much talent with the stove as he does with communications equipment. Apparently, he has a new friend, Ulrike, who helped him prepare the meal. She is rather tall and of a fair complexion. Tolstoy would say she “was a handsome woman.”

We told her I was an exchange student from the University of Toronto studying prostitution management.

The two made goose with Rotkohl and Kloesse. Bless her heart, she made the Kloesse from scratch with Semmelwuerfel in the middle. And the gravy? I’d kill for that gravy. Then again, I’d kill for a lot of things. In fact, I have.

Does all of the death around us dehumanize us? Are we monsters or heroes? I asked this to Smitty, and he handed me a beer and some photos from Ranger.

Ranger has sent me photos of Deseilligny’s remains. Other than making them wallet size I am not sure what he expects me to say. It is difficult to interpret the photos without being there. There is a definite lack of insect infestation on the body. This leads me to believe that 1) the body is extremely fresh, 2) it has been somehow preserved (i.e. embalming) or 3) Deseilligny is as distasteful in death as he was in life.

It would be advisable to send the remains to HQ if possible. If not, a dental casting may help positively identify the remains. If I remember correctly, a cast was made from Tomaszewicz’s midsection after being bitten by Deseilligny.

Ottawa is quiet at the moment. The red snow falls loudly on the tundra. The young colt carries many fleas.

Be safe.



Anonymous said...

Thanx for the comment you left me. I'm not sure who you are so I'll be careful. Nothing personal understand. I read some of your posts trying to make heads or tails of yourself and I didn't quite understand. Its makes me curious. I can see that you are apart of a trio perhaps. Do you write letters to yourself or with them? I'm just a tad confused. Are you canadian then?

I am a very curios person. It is your choice to answer. tata

p.s. how did you find me?

p.s.s(p.p.s) (?) I have been tricked meaning my cousins have sometimes told me they were some stranger on the internet. If we know each other I'm sorry I babbled like an idiot. :D

Voix said...

Mager, the internet was made for babbling like an idiot. Seriously. Why else would we have so much free space?